Lionshead Mobile Chop Shop


The Shop

Lionshead Mobile Chop Shop, is fairly unique in this area. It is a fully functioning 2 chair mobile shop, with everything you would find in our brick and mortar shops. We handle everything from the latest haircuts, to straight razor hot towel shaves, and facials. 


Locations & Appointments

Current Location: 

Norfolk, Va 23503

Current Hours of operation:

We are currently operating Monday - Saturday. 

Locations for the mobile shop will change regularly. We will be listing our regular schedule and locations as things get back to normal and we are back to a regular operating routine.  Appointments can be booked directly through the Lionshead Appointment link, using the Mobile Chop Shop Location. 


Breakfast Club!!!!!

Lionshead Mobile Chop Shop Breakfast Club, is a unique and exclusive event. Breakfast Club is an early morning appointment reserved for any two services that we offer, performed around sunrise at various scenic locations throughout Hampton Roads. Coffee and Pastries are provided, Appointments are extremely limited, however the conversation and great vibes to start your day are unlimited. Contact us for more information. 

Weddings & Other Events

Lionshead Mobile Chop Shop is available for private parties, and weddings, If you are interested in providing a unique and interesting service for your guests, or groomsman contact us, and we can tailor a package specifically for your events needs.