Re-Opening Friday May 15th 2020! (Please Read)

We Will Be open for Phase 1 of the Governors plan to re-open Virginia. We will adhere to all regulations set forth by the Governor. We will also be running the Mobile Chop Shop Full-Time (including Mondays) during Phase One to help accommodate everyone and adhere to social distancing guidelines. So if you don’t see an appointment time you need on the Lionshead Norfolk Link, make sure to check out the Mobile Chop Shop Schedule. 

Here are the rules for this time as we know them.
1. We will be appointment only for the duration of phase 1. Absolutely no walk-ins will be permitted. 

2. Our waiting area will be closed during phase one. Please sign-in to our waitlist app on our website when you arrive, and you will receive a text notification when you are up. Or wait outside by the door when your appointment time comes and your barber will let you in. 

3. All Barbers AND CLIENTS will be required to wear masks throughout the duration of the service. Please bring your own mask. We will not be able to provide masks, and we will not be able to perform any service on any client not wearing one. 

4. Please Wash your hands as soon as you enter the shop. 

5. Our NO CALL / NO SHOW policy will be strictly enforced. With no walk-ins available and strict rules on the amount of people allowed in the shop, it is more important than ever that you let us know as soon as you can if you can’t make it so our barber can call someone on the call list to fill the spot. If NO CALLS become a problem, we will have no choice but to require a deposit to make an appointment. You can call us, text us, email us, Facebook message us, Instagram us, FaceTime us, skywrite us, send smoke signals or an owl or raven, but please let us know. 

As any new info comes in, we will update this page. 



Appointment Only During Phase 1

Due to Virginia’s Phase 1 reopening Plan, Lionshead is currently only able to operate on an appointment only basis. Please feel free to book an appointment at Lionshead Norfolk or The Mobile Chop Shop by clicking the link below. The day of your appointment, when you arrive you can return to our website and click the “I’m here” button at the top of the page and that will let us know. We will then notify your through text that we are ready for you to come inside. 





We offer a wide array of haircuts from Hot Towel Straight Razor Fades to Scissor Cuts And everything in between. All haircuts come with a hot lather, straight razor neck shave, and optional styling. 

Haircut - $25

Buzz Cuts & Senior Cuts - $20

Kids Cut - $15 - Specialty Kids Cuts Full Price

Early Morning Appointments $30+


Beards & Shaves

When it comes to your face, we’ve got you covered. Whether you want to take it all off with a hot towel straight razor shave, or just get your beard tightened up, we at Lionshead are experts in maintaining all your facial hair needs. 

Beard Trim - $15                  

Hot Towel Straight Razor Shave - $30


Other Services:

Hair Wash - $5

Black Mask Facial - $25

Steam Facial - $25

Eyebrow Wax - $15

Temporary Color Enhancement - $15

What We Are About


The Craft

The Client

The Client

Barbering as a trade is as old as the world itself. We at Lionshead believe this to be the best trade in the world, and we take great pride in the work that we are blessed to be able to perform. All styles, All hair types, all bring different challenges that constantly keep us growing, adapting and respecting the craft. 


The Client

The Client

The Client

At Lionshead Barbershop our clients are everything to us. Our clients trust us to make them look their best, so they can go out into their lives with confidence. The relationship between a client and their barber is like no other in the world. We take that very seriously and believe that what is said in the chair, stays there. 


The Shop

The Client

The Shop

The barbershop is an institution in every town, city, state, country, and continent. in times past it was where you went to find out about an area. It was a destination. The barbershop has always been a sacred place. A place of Ideas and debate, stories and song,  laughter and consoling, A place where life is lived and friends are made, and  We have no interest in changing that. 

Shop Policies

Cancellation Policy

We appreciate you coming to Lionshead for your barbering needs, however No Call No Shows not only affect your barbers income it also keeps them from taking a walk-in while they wait for an appointment that isn't coming. If you have to cancel your appointment we don't mind. We understand that sometimes things come up, or you get held up for some reason, but please call the shop at 757-383-6383, text your barber, or Facebook message the shop so that your barber can try and fill the spot or take a walk in. Repeated no call no shows will result in you no longer being able to book appointments or being required to make a deposit before booking. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and we hope you understand. 

Shop Disclaimer

Lionshead Barbershop is a place for everyone to feel welcome, and get a good haircut or a relaxing shave. Please leave all your baggage at the door. The only rank in Lionshead Barbershop is Barber and in the shop it outranks every Admiral. 

Contact Us

Lionshead Barbershop

3201 East Ocean View Avenue, Norfolk, Virginia 23518, United States

(757) 383-6383


Tuesday - Thursday: 10am - 7pm

Friday -  Saturday: 9am - 7pm

Sunday: Closed

Monday: Closed